Our custom ice hockey uniforms are designed to bring you a comfortable, stylish and best-looking look. It is all about comfort and style in our custom sublimated ice hockey uniform.


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Sublimated Ice Hockey Uniform

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Fully Sublimated Ice Hockey Jerseys

Our jerseys include the following:

  • Fully custom jersey or a choice of any of our styles
  • Laced up or V neck
  • Optional mesh inserts (depending on the jersey style)
  • Side slits
  • Standard 220 or upgraded 240 material
  • Names, back and shoulder numbers, any logos or sponsors
  • Jerseys available in sizes YL – XXXL and GYXL – GXXL

Email us your ideas and logos: [email protected]

Fully Sublimated Ice Hockey Shorts

Our Shorts include the following:

  • Fully custom shell or a choice of any of our styles
  • Choice of elastic crotch material
  • Standard 350 shell material
  • Logos, sponsors and numbers

Email us your ideas and logos: [email protected]

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    Ice Hockey Uniforms Made with Finest Material

    Buy your desired Ice Hockey uniforms from our huge collection. Our product range includes high quality Ice Hockey compression pants, mesh jock shorts, compression shorts, Ultra PowerStride Hockey shorts. We are also manufacturing high grade classic Ice Hockey jerseys and modern jerseys. All of our products consist of the finest materials selected carefully by our experienced team. When it comes to the compression pants and shorts, you can select among 100% Polyester, Polyester and Spandex, Polyester, Cocona and Spandex. Our Ice Hockey jerseys are made with high grade Polyester.

    The high grade fabric helps us to make sure that our Ice Hockey Uniforms are durable and comfortable to wear. Every customer has its own requirements and preferences. That is why we are making different products with different features and options. It ensures that each of our customers can get what he is looking for. We are offering modern and innovative products to our customers. All of our products are easy breathable, lightweight and supports fast mobility.