Glowish Impex is one of the best manufacturers of MMA gear all over the world. We are manufacturing high-grade MMA gloves that can offer comfort as well as protection for the hands. Mixed Martial Arts requires open-fingered gloves, also known as grappling gloves, because they are perfect for grappling maneuvers. Whether the fighter is practicing or competing against another fighter, mixed martial arts gloves are important to wear. It helps the fighter keep his hands protected.

All of our gloves consist of multi-foam padding to keep them comfortable and flexible while fighting or practicing. We are manufacturing MMA gloves using 100% genuine and high-quality leather. We are using the best-quality Velcro wrist straps to ensure that the gloves do not slip or come off during a fight. Our gloves are designed to outlast and outperform the most common gloves available on the market. They can offer good support and grip to the fighter, which can boost his performance.

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