Powerlifting is not an easy sport. A weightlifter has to be cautious and should wear the best-quality protective gear. By focusing on quality and performance, we are manufacturing high-grade dipping belts and head harnesses. We are making the products in a variety of styles and materials. You can make your selection among the belts made of neoprene, leather, and nylon. We are using the finest quality material to ensure the best quality products. The belts are easy to adjust to provide the right fit and support.

In a similar manner, we are making head harnesses in various styles with different materials. We have head harnesses with and without neck support, so you can get exactly what you require. If you want a heavy-duty head harness, you can select the high-quality padded leather head harness. It is padded with polyester shearing and made of 100% genuine leather. You can find a wide collection in our dipping belts and head harness section to make the right selection.

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